WeChat Email Service – How To Set It Up

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Surprisingly few people are aware that WeChat has a built in Email service allowing you to send & receive emails directly from within WeChat.


Above: an email being composed directly within WeChat

The email service runs through QQ Mail. QQ mail is one of the most popular email services in China. QQ Mail and WeChat share the same founder, Zhang Xiaolong. He’s China’s most famous Product Manager and popularly considered to be “the father of WeChat”. Before starting WeChat, Zhang Xiaolong worked on QQ Mail so it’s unsurprising that the 2 products share a very high level of integration.


How to set it up
If you don’t already have a QQ mail account you can sign up for one in English in about 2 minutes using this address: https://en.mail.qq.com


Now back in WeChat, from your Chats timeline, select ‘search’ and type in ‘qq’.


Search works slightly differently between iOS and Android versions of WeChat

WeChat search will bring up results for you contacts, groups, moments, articles and more. What we want here is ‘features’. Select QQ mail.


To enable the service you will need to input the QQ number and password for your email account.


You will now receive messages whenever you receive a mail in your QQ mailbox (see example below).


You can now create and send emails directly from within WeChat using the ‘new mail’ button. You will also be able to read and reply to all incoming mails without leaving the app.


If QQ Mail isn’t your primary email account then you will need to set up email forwarding to your QQ account. We tested this with both gmail and yahoo mail. We could get yahoo forwarding quite easily once we’d found the setting. Gmail proved trickier however and we weren’t able to get it forwarding correctly.

Other Email Services offered through WeChat
Even without setting up the WeChat email service you can still email pictures, articles, text and links out of WeChat. Simply hold down on the content you want to email and then select the ‘more’ option.


Then select ’email’. The options will then come up to email the content out of WeChat.