Become a WeChat Ghost

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Here’s a quick little ‘how to guide’ for making your profile picture and title invisible when speaking to friends on WeChat. See picture below:

WeChat Ghost

No, the picture hasn’t been photoshopped. We’ll show you how to do it. First send the word ‘ghost’ into the ChCh account.

Scan this QR code to add the China Channel (ChCh) WeChat account.


Now go to edit your profile on WeChat. Me > My Profile. Copy the blank spaces from between the brackets and paste them in as your name.

Next take the picture that was sent to you. Don’t download the full image. Simply save it to your phone and set it as your profile pic.


This trick only works for Android users as iOS does not allow PNG files to be set as profile pictures. It also doesn’t work on WeChat desktop version.