WeChat’s Going Christmas Hat Crazy

Matthew Brennan Hot News

Last night all across China messages like these below started to appear across people’s WeChat moments newsfeeds.

WeChat Moments Christmas

Seems many people started @ing the WeChat official site and asking for Christmas hats.


Wait, but you can’t @ people on WeChat moments

And WeChat index shows mentions of Christmas exploded late last night across WeChat.


WeChat Index Christmas

Also if you check your Chinese friend’s WeChat profiles, you may find a few of them have changed to look like this:

Christmas Hat Profile Pics

What’s is going on?

Well, yesterday a Tencent picture editing app 天天P图 (Photoshop Everyday) launched a promotional webpage allowing people to add Christmas hats to their WeChat profile pictures.

天天P图 Christmas Hat

Above: the promotion page from 天天P图

This led to a wave of people with new Christmasy profile pics with many others becoming curious “Hey, how did you get the Christmas hat?” became a frequent comment. Somehow people started believing that if you ask for a hat on moments and add @WeChat Official Site, WeChat will automatically add a hat to your profile picture.

Christmas Hat WeChat Magic Leap

In reality however, @ing anyone on moments does nothing. It’s simply a trick to fool others. The only way to join in the fun and add the Christmas hat is to do it yourself. Go ahead and scan the mini program code below to get your Christmas hat then write something like Give me a Christmas hat @微信官网 on your moments to join in the fun.

Christmas Hat WeChat Mini Program

A merry Christmas to all ChCh readers BTW. Wishing everyone all the best over the festive season.