The Las Vegas WeChat Hotel With Robots

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

Which hotel has the most impressive, advanced and futuristic use of WeChat? Surely some expensive swanky place in Beijing or Shanghai right? Wrong! To find the most futuristic “WeChat hotel” we have to visit downtown Las Vegas.

Welcome to the LINQ hotel, Sir.


Meet “Ben”, the WeChat concierge robot

Upon entering the LINQ hotel we are greeted by a WeChat concierge robot called “Ben“. “Ben” uses humanized artificial intelligence and proprietary deep-learning based speech technology that allows visitors and guests to converse with him through WeChat. Guests send messages to the robot by following the WeChat hotel account. “Ben” will speak back to them on-site in real time. Apparently the robot will even perform a dance as it interacts with the hotel’s guests and visitors.


But wait, that’s only half the story!

After we’ve finished talking with WeChat robots in the lobby, now we can go up to our room. This is how we open the door…


WeChat again

And it’s not just the door. The entire hotel room can be controlled through WeChat including:

  • The lights
  • The curtains
  • The shades
  • The TV
  • The air conditioning
  • The coffee maker
  • The thermostat

Take a look at the video (length: 1:50 mins) to see it all in action.



Here’s what the interface looks like on WeChat:


WeChat hotel room

It begs the question: Will all hotels be like this in the future? Certainly the possibilities opened up by controlling your surroundings through WeChat extend far beyond just the hotel industry. Will we be seeing WeChat voice controlled classrooms and restaurants soon? Below is a video (length: 1:41 mins) demonstrating a meeting room controlled entirely by WeChat produced by Ayla Networks.