WeChat Is 5 Years Old Today!

Matthew Brennan Features, Tencent


Happy Birthday WeChat!

Happy Birthday

It’s hard to imagine that the app we all depend on every day in China simply just didn’t exist 5 years ago. And boy has it changed over time:


Above: from Version 1.0 to now

WeChat – The Beginning
Below we have an excerpt (2:25 mins) from a podcast by members of the WeChat team. They discuss the key decisions that were taken at the very beginning of WeChat during initial development.

  • The initial WeChat team was just 10 guys
  • At the time of initial development, the iPhone had only recently been officially released in China
  • The number of people with smartphones and broadband in China was less than 10 million

To listen to the full podcast copy this link into a browser (VPN needed in China) https://soundcloud.com/wechatpodcast/core-product-values-and-product-management

Evolution of WeChat
Below is our updated version of the China Channel ‘Evolution of WeChat’ infographic documenting exactly how WeChat has grown over the years.