How to Order Beer to Your Office Using WeChat: WeChat Essential Tips

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In today’s ‘WeChat Essential Tip’ presented by China Channel, we are going to show you step by step how to order a 24 pack of quality German beer and have it delivered to your workplace, ready to go for when you finish work. You don’t even need to have WeChat payments set up for this to work, as there is a ‘payment on delivery’ option. So there’s really no excuse!


This beer (Brauerei Simon)  retails in Chinese 7-Eleven Stores at 13.8 yuan per can. Buying on WeChat, we can get it for 7.25 yuan per tin including delivery. That’s close to half price.

JingDong Logo

We are going to use JingDong 京东. When you open JingDong it looks very similar to TaoBao but actually they operate a complete different business model with 2 key differences:

  1. JingDong has relatively few fake goods. You are usually buying directly from them, not like with TaoBao where they are acting as a agent between you and another vendor.
  2. JingDong delivery is usually fast, especially in the larger cities. It’s not unrealistic to be able to order your beer early in the morning and have it arrive same day.

JingDong can even provide you with an official Chinese receipt for the purchase for when it’s on the company. Don Draper would approve.


Step by Step Process
First, go to ‘Me’ then ‘Wallet’.


Now choose ‘Specials’.


This will take you to the JingDong home page. Enter the term ‘beer’ into the search field.


Scrolling down the list you’ll see there’s plenty to choose from with plenty of big Chinese and foreign brand names: Tsingtao, Budweiser, Snow, Harbin, Asahi, Heineken, Paulaner, Hoegaarden. We are going to choose this one below.


There are options for different amounts, and types to buy. From the picture below you can see that even without any Chinese skill you can work out from the numbers 500ml*6 is a 6 pack of tins 黑啤 (hei pi) means black stout, 白啤 (bai pi) means a light colored larger or ale.


The pictures and prices will change based on which one you select. For example by selecting the 5 Liter Keg 5L桶 (5L tong)the picture and price will change to those below.


Lower down, you can check out the reviews. Much the same as Taobao, they have a star rating system. Also often with pictures of people who’ve bought the beer before, so you know what to expect when it arrives.


Finally there’s some detailed product info. Let’s hit the red button at the bottom to buy now!

JingDong (1)

You will have to set up some basic details if you don’t already have a JD account. This will require some Chinese ability as you will have to input your delivery address in Chinese.


Have someone with Chinese language ability take you through this process if need be. Once you’re ready hit the green button if you have WeChat Wallet set up.


The aquamarine button is the option for payment on delivery and the white button is for pay in installments, usually for more expensive electrical items. Selecting the green button and you will pay directly through inputting your WeChat Wallet code.


Taking the payment on delivery option and you might be asked to confirm the delivery details again and then you’ll reach this screen saying you’ve paid.


Select to follow the JD official WeChat account (WeChat ID: JD). By following the JD account they will send you automatic messages with details of each transaction through WeChat. Register a formal account with JD and you will also get email reminders.


Now wait for the beer to arrive. When the delivery guy is close he will call your phone and ask you to come and meet him for the pickup outside the address you gave. Meet the guy, (pay if you haven’t done so in advance) pick up the beer and enjoy!


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