WeChat Knows When You Sleep

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WeChat released a strange and perhaps even a little unsettling set of data a few days ago. To coincide with ‘World Sleep Day’ the WeChat team decided to remind us that they know when you sleep and they know when you get up.


In fact WeChat knows a lot about you that you probably don’t realize. As WeChat is used by practically everyone in mainland China with a smart phone they are able to aggregate some amazing data about Chinese society. Let’s look at some of the things they know about us:

WeChat knows where you are…

The WeChat heat maps feature released last year (article here) revealed exactly how much data WeChat has on where people are in real time. Recent stats released by WeChat for Spring Festival 2016 also showed how they are able to track who was leaving China for the holidays.


Data Source: WeChat Team Spring Festival 2016 Info Release

WeChat knows what you read…


Average user reads 7 articles on WeChat per day, average article is 1,000 characters in length which equates to a novel per month.

Data Source: WeChat Life Report Oct 2015

WeChat knows when you sleep…


Data source: Weixinpai – 21 March 2016

WeChat knows how healthy you are…


The WeChat Sport (微信运动) account tracks how many steps you take each day and compares with your friends.

WeChat knows who your friends are…


Data Source: WeChat Life Report Oct 2015

WeChat knows which brands you like…


WeChat has a huge database of information regarding which adverts people interact with or like on their moments feed. Interacting with an advert increases the likelihood of your friends also seeing the same ad. WeChat also tags us based on our interests in different areas (e.g. sports, health, parenting or games).


WeChat knows…

WeChat knows…