Wechat Linkedin Profiles: WeChat Essential Tips

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

In today’s WeChat Essential Tip we are going to focus on how to use LinkedIn together with WeChat. Specifically, we’ll focus on 4 things, showing you how to:

a. Bind your LinkedIn and WeChat accounts
b. Mass import your LinkedIn contacts to WeChat
c. Toggle visibility of your LinkedIn profile
d. Add someone’s WeChat from their LinkedIn page

LinkedIn is one of the few Western social media networks not to be blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Perhaps due to the fact that unlike some others, they are willing to censor content on their website in order to comply with Chinese rules (something CEO Jeff Weiner admitted in  this post ) . From late 2014 WeChat and LinkedIn have officially been co-operating with one another. This is especially useful for those doing business, as plenty of Chinese people have LinkedIn accounts.

a. Binding your LinkedIn and WeChat accounts
Go to the Me tab and choose Settings

Me / Settings

Go to General, then Features


Select LinkedIn from the list


The setup process will then ask for your linked username and password.


Your accounts are now bonded:


b. Mass import your LinkedIn contacts to WeChat
Start from the home screen and select the + button at the top right corner, choose Add Contacts


From here select Mobile & Other Contacts


A long list of your LikedIn Contacts will appear for you to add, one click at a time:


As normal with WeChat, your contacts must accept the invitation for you to be connected.

c. Toggle visibility of your WeChat LinkedIn profile
Head to your profile page (select Me at the bottom)

Profile Page

Go to LinkedIn Account at the bottom


From here you can toggle the Show LinkedIn Account option which dictates if others can see you WeChat LinkedIn namecard. Below is a typical WeChat LinkedIn namecard


d. Add someone’s WeChat from their LinkedIn page
Finally, if you are on LinkedIn and want to add a contact’s WeChat, go to their profile page and click Contact Info, you will see the following:


By clicking the QR code icon a proper QR code will pop up for you to scan and add them:


Join us tomorrow for our next article in the WeChat Essential Tips series where we will be giving away more free info on WeChat. Follow us on WeChat by scanning the QR code to follow our official account.