How To Make a WeChat Live Stream

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Surprisingly many people are still unaware of how easy it is to create a WeChat live stream and share on your moments or in a WeChat group. Interest in live streaming exploded from last year with the launch of Meerkat and Periscope allowing people to share links for live streams through Twitter. Live streaming a rock concert, key-note presentation or language lesson on WeChat is just as easy and fun.


Periscope + Meerkat

There are currently at least 80+ apps that offer live streaming on your phone, a search on Baidu for 直播APP will reveal many more. The one we chose to make our WeChat live stream was 花椒直播 huajiaozhiboLive Pepper (our translation).

hujiao logo

Live Pepper

As a test we posted our China Channel ‘Official Office Toilet Live Stream’ on our moments.


Within 20 mins our fake toilet live stream had 42 viewers. You dirty people!

To make your own live stream long press the QR code below to download the Live Pepper APP. (Alternatively go to their website: )



From the log in screen select login via WeChat ID.


Take some time to check out some of the hundreds of live streams going on all across China. At least 70% of which seem to be of talking head cams of pretty teenage girls.


Number of live viewers – Top left: 9,001 people  Top right: 27,102 people  Bottom left: 6,012 people  Bottom right: 4,276 people

From the home screen select the big yellow button at the bottom to start your own live stream.


Fill in your details and chose the platform you want to share to.


Now you can post away to your moments and/or WeChat groups. It’s never been so easy to make a WeChat live stream of your office toilet.


China Channel has no association with Live Pepper.