WeChat Lucky Love Money – A Funny Story

Matthew Brennan Case Studies, Tencent

The sending of WeChat lucky money red envelopes has undoubtedly changed Chinese society. The red envelope phenomenon, particularly during Spring Festival period, is the key through which WeChat has unlocked the wallets of 200+ million Chinese.


Scan the QR code below (long press and select ‘Extract QR Code’) to see your own personal WeChat lucky money red envelope history.



WeChat Lucky Love Money – A Funny Story
This year on May 20th there was a sudden and unexpected spike in payment transactions across WeChat. This caught Tencent by surprise and they quickly rushed to upgrade the WeChat payment servers. The reason for this unexpected flood of transactions was due to people across China sending lucky money red envelopes of the amount 5.20 yuan.


In Chinese, 520 (wu er ling) is sometimes thought to represent the phrase “I love you”. May being the 5th month of the year, May 20th is also 5.20. Thus on this day it became popular to send a lucky love money red envelope of 5.20 yuan to your sweetheart.

Almost immediately however WeChat started to see another unexpected phenomenon, a huge spike in complaints from angry and desperate WeChat users. The reason for the complaints? There was no option to delete the transaction record of the lucky money amounts sent.


Bowing to popular demand, within 1 month WeChat had added the ability to delete the record of payment transactions. The thousands who complained can now rest in peace knowing their wife or husband can no longer track the record of who they are sending lucky love money to. One does wonder how many people got caught sending envelopes to multiple boy or girlfriends. Hopefully wasn’t as bad as this guy:



How to check / delete your own the payment records
To check your own WeChat transactions record go to your wallet page (Me>Wallet), then tap the top corner.


In order to delete your WeChat transactions (not that you’d want to do such a thing of course), long press the record of the payment you wish to delete and the option for deleting will pop up.