WeChat Mini Apps Master Class Shanghai & Beijing

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“It is not an exaggeration to say that a new era has possibly come to WeChat with Mini Program now in the game.” – Jing Daily

“Welcome to the next generation of mobile software. Say hello to “Mini-Apps” – TechNode

WeChat Mini Apps Master Class

China Channel (ChCh) is proud to announce the WeChat Mini Apps Master Class. This exclusive full day training will offer the greatest amount of industry knowledge currently available about WeChat mini apps. Moderated by two top WeChat industry experts including live iPhone demonstrations of mini apps created for WeChat’s private beta invitation.

“One thing is sure: if you are among the very first mini app’s, you will sure get a lot of traction and press.” – WalktheChat blog

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Let the battle begin…

If WeChat is an important user channel for your brand, product, service, or business, this training will provide invaluable insight into shaping and optimizing your WeChat strategy across all levels of your organization.


Training Hosts

Jason Ng WeChat Mini Apps Master Class

Jason Ng
Founder of Yokeneng Academy & Kenengba
Former CEO of GeekPark

Jason is considered to be one of the foremost WeChat mini app experts in China and is in regular communication with the WeChat team. His O2O education platform, Youkeneng, holds courses in Beijing dedicated to WeChat product development. This will be his first English language training in China.


He is regarded as an influential thought leader in the Chinese tech scene. Jason’s recent piece 别开发 APP了 (Don’t develop apps), is considered by many to be one of the most insightful and controversial Chinese tech pieces of 2016.

Jason was one of only 200 developers across China invited to WeChat’s private mini app beta test. His Beijing based team has already developed and tested their own WeChat mini app ready for public launch. Jason holds an impressively broad skill set, from high level marketing and product development strategy down to the nitty gritty of coding.


Drew Kirchhoff WeChat Mini Apps Master Class

Drew Kirchhoff
Co-founder of yoli
Former Product Owner at Yodo1
Former Analyst at App Annie & AngelVest

Drew’s education product yoli has been featured by Tencent as one of the most innovative education platforms on WeChat. yoli is the first WeChat based on-demand (lite PaaS model) education platform. His team was recently invited to Guangzhou to meet with the WeChat team and discuss the future of WeChat product development.

Drew has extensive hands on knowledge of the Chinese app and gaming industry from his years of work atYodo1. He personally led the development of Crossy Road’s China version, Google Play global game of the year 2015.

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Training Key Takeaways

  • Clear understanding of WeChat team’s longer term strategy for mini apps and the development direction we can expect mini apps to take in the next year based on this strategy.
  • Live demonstration of how mini apps are experienced by users
  • Breakdown of where mini apps will fit into the WeChat ecosystem. Detailed analysis and comparison with other tools available such as Service & Subscription Accounts and the new synergies made possible.
  • Full explanation of the technical limitations of mini apps. Which API’s are available, what they can and can’t do exactly. What changes can we expect in the future.
  • In depth analysis of WeChat mini apps user acquisition and discovery process.
  • Understanding of the WeChat mini app development process. What human resources and time scale is needed to develop mini apps (real case studies).
  • How to measure user engagement and retention. (N.B. Users do not “Follow” a mini app like they normally would a Service or Subscription Account, meaning you may not have a known number of followers at any given time.)
  • Understanding of advanced linkage of different account types to create powerful new types of SaaS and PaaS opportunities on top of WeChat.

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Training contact details:

Nichole Zuo: nicholezuo (at) chinachannel.co Phone: 18701177353

Matthew Brennan: mattbrennan (at) chinachannel.co Phone: 18623515007