WeChat Official Accounts Performance Data

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Today we bring you our translated highlights from a report released a few days ago by Data Story which collects performance data from 4,783 different brand’s WeChat official accounts. It analyses over half a million WeChat articles in total, comparing the last quarter of 2015 with the first three months of 2016. Highlights include:

  • Current trends for views and likes broken down by industry
  • Most popular reading and posting times for brand articles on WeChat
  • Average views to likes ratio across all industries

All data is from Data Story’s 2016 Q1 Brand’s WeChat Offical Accounts Operation Report.

Key Statistics

DataStoryQ12016 (4)

Now let’s take these overall numbers and analyze from an industry perspective:

DataStoryQ12016 (1)

Article Reading and Posting Times

DataStoryQ12016 (3)

There are clearly 3 peak reading time for articles on WeChat Offical Accounts:

6-7 in the morning

11-12 at lunch

6-9 in the evening

Posting by brands on WeChat reaches a clear peak at 5pm. There are no major differences between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016 in terms of reading or posting times.
Industry Analysis of Views & Likes

DataStoryQ12016 (2)

Over half a million articles were analyzed, with the average views per article being 5,286 and with average likes per article being 37. That works out overall at 1 like per 142 views.


Not all industries are the same

As we can see from the graph above there are 2 clear outliers: Restaurant brands and Beauty skin care brands. Both of which receive far more likes than other industries (in the region of 150-200+ per article). The restaurant industry has by far and away the highest average views at 31,609 per article, over double the nearest other industry analyzed which was Games. Other industries with strong performing WeChat official accounts were: Mobile phone brands, Car brands, Luxury & Banking brands.


Analysis / Conclusion

1. The Spring Festival Effect
We should bear in mind that Chinese New Year has a similar effect to Christmas in the West. Many brands will have a large marketing campaigns around Spring Festival and put forward their best promotional content and deals at this time.


2. Less is More
The drop in the number of article posts across nearly all industries indicates that brands might finally be understanding that WeChat is all about quality not quantity. We hope so at least.


3. Early bird catches the WeChat view?
6-7am in the morning is peak reading time on WeChat according to the data yet the vast majority of brands are publishing during working hours. An opportunity missed?


4. A Pinch of Salt
As with all view and like figures on WeChat official accounts, we unfortunately have no way from this report of knowing how many are real and how many are faked.