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WeChat Podcast recording: I recently had the honor of appearing on the very excellent Analyse Asia podcast hosted by Bernard Leong in Singapore.

WeChat Podcast Show Notes

  • Matthew Brennan, Co-founder of China Channel (@MattyBGooner, Linkedin, Wechat:Yowdy-CQ) [0:39]
    • How did you start you career? [1:28]
    • What brought you to China and eventually set up China Channel there? [2:32]
    • Role and coverage of his role in China Channel [4:10]
    • From different parts of your career, what are the interesting career lessons you can share? [5:07]
  • Wechat Mini Programs [6:14]

    • To start, can you give an introduction of Wechat by Tencent in China? [6:30]
    • Can you share some recent interesting data from Wechat on their user base, usage? [9:12]
    • Recently Wechat has launched Mini Programs, can you briefly describe what they are? [10:40]
    • How are mini programs actually experienced by users? [14:23]
    • What is China developer community saying about mini programs? [16:18]
    • Impact of Wechat mini-apps to Alipay. [18:20]
    • As we understand Wechat has other types of official accounts for businesses: subscription accounts, service & enterprise accounts, what distinguishes mini apps from them? [19:05]
    • How does mini-apps impact the app stores from iOS and Android given that it bypass downloading for the major apps?  [23:28]
    • How does mini-apps impact the rivalry with the other members of BAT or 2nd tier top Chinese companies such as Qihoo and JD? [25:58]
    • What does it mean for businesses that are both leveraging or not leveraging on Wechat mini apps? [27:36]
    • Matthew’s thoughts on Snapchat [29:51]: Snapchat hired Oakley’s head of retail operations & Snapchat acquires Israeli AR company.
    • Matthew’s perspectives on China’s Internet ecosystem vs the rest of the world. [31:00]

Additional References on Tencent and Wechat: