1 Little Known WeChat Trick For Teaching, Training or Events

Matthew Brennan WeChat Tips

Today, we’ll show you by far the easiest way to create a large WeChat group for teaching, training, conferences, or promotional and networking events. Any situation where there is a large number of people physically together in the same place then using the little known ‘WeChat Private Groups’ feature is the fastest and easiest way to get everyone together so you can send them a file or facilitate discussion. You can even add people who are not friends with anyone else in the group.


First we’ll show you ‘Step by Step: How to Set up a Private Group’, then we’ll give you ‘3 Awesome Uses for WeChat Private Groups’.

Step by Step: How to Set up a Private Group
First, we must go to contacts and tap the + on the top right. Then tap on “Group Chat”



Next, we tap ‘Join Private Group’.


We then come to the option to choose a 4 digit code for the group.


We then confirm joining the group.


Next, we come to the group page with just you in it.

We can rename the group and even save the QR Code by going to the group options (tap on top right).


Now that we have created a private group, we need to have others join. For others to do so, they follow exactly the same procedure, entering the same 4 digit code (7777 in our example). Only those nearby to you and with the code will be able to join your group.

WeChat’s English title of ‘Joining a Private Group’ is a little misleading, the Chinese title of 面对面建群 (‘Create a Face to Face Group’) more accurately describes the purpose. The normal ways of adding people to the group through QR codes or manually through your contacts list work like any other group. The group has basically the same level of privacy as a normal group.


3 Awesome Uses for WeChat Private Groups

1) Dividing a large group into smaller groups – Remember when the teacher tried to split a class of 50+ people up in small groups and do an exercise. The process would either take a long time or the groups would be unevenly matched. This process makes it easy to quickly make 5 groups of 10 or 10 groups 5.

2) Announcements – You are attending a club meeting and the President of the club gives you 3 minutes to present an event or activity. In the past, you would have to wait until the (often long) event was over so people would come to you for questions or express interest. Now, you can quickly ask everyone during your pitch to dial 8888 to join a small group where more information will be posted.

3) Presentations, Promotions, and Sales Pitches – Nothing like promotions and contests to get people to pay attention. During your presentation, you can start out by saying at some point in the speech you will say a magic 4 letter code. The first five people to enter the group get free vouchers to your business. You not only get people paying attention, but you might get 60 prospects for your business.

There are likely many more uses for ‘Private Groups’. We would love to hear from you on any ones you may have used; contact us through the account or info@chinachannel.co China Channel brings you the latest news and tips for using WeChat. What are you waiting for? Scan the code already!