Official WeChat Resources

Below is our China Channel ultimate list of Official WeChat resources, websites and services surrounding the WeChat platform. We’ve divided them into 5 sections:

  • WeChat resources for normal users in China (Weixin 微信) – Chinese Language
  • WeChat resources for Official Accounts in China (Weixin 微信) – Chinese Language
  • WeChat resources for normal users of WeChat International (Outside China) – English Language
  • WeChat resources for WeChat International Official Accounts (Outside China) – English Language
  • Other Related Official WeChat Resources

If you don’t know the important differences between WeChat and Weixin read our previous article for the full explanation.


WeChat resources for normal users in China (Weixin 微信)

The Weixin Official Website

Weixin Safety Center: Password recovery, account freezing and other various safety related services

Weixin Version Histories: Summaries of all the major Weixin release versions for Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Windows Phone, Symbian, Series and Blackberry

Tencent Official Service Center: Tons of information and FAQ’s about WeChat

Official Weixin Search Engine: The Sogou search engine for WeChat articles. Read our related article here.

Tencent University WeChat Section: Collection of educational and informative video presentations about WeChat in Chinese

Weixin Stickers Platform: A platform enabling artists to summit their designs to the WeChat sticker store

Weixin Webpage Version: Access WeChat through a desktop webpage (link wont’ work on mobile devices)

Wechat Phone Book: A separate WeChat app for VOIP calling

WeChat Enterprise App: A separate WeChat app for work communication, similar to Slack


WeChat resources for Official Accounts in China (Weixin 微信) 

Weixin Official Accounts Admin Platform: Login or Register for a Weixin Official account

Weixin Official Developer Documentation (English): Mostly up to date

Weixin Official Developer Documentation (Chinese): Always up to date

Weixin Shake Feature Official Site

Tenpay Official Site: Tenpay is Tencent’s official online payment platform

Tencent Video Official Site: WeChat official accounts use this platform to stream videos

Weixin Pay Official Site: Sign into your WeChat pay account for businesses

Weixin Open Platform Official Site: Integrate WeChat login, sharing or payments into your app or website

Official Weixin City Services Site: City services are WeChat’s way of providing localized information and services often in conjunction with Chinese city governments

Official WeChat Internet of Things Information: Link hardware together with WeChat official accounts

Weixin Adverts Platform: Services related to advertising on WeChat

Guang Dian Tong: Tencent official advertising platform

Weixin Enterprise Accounts Official Site: Enterprise accounts are usually used for secure internal company communication on WeChat

Weixin Wifi Official Site: Information on setting up WeChat Wifi

WeChat UI Pack: A user interface library by WeChat official design team, includes the most useful widgets/modules in mobile web applications

Tencent NLP: Tencent’s Natural language processing platform


WeChat resources for normal users of WeChat International (Outside China)

WeChat Official Website

WeChat Version Histories: Summaries of all the major WeChat release versions for Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Windows Phone, Symbian, Series and Blackberry

WeChat Help Center: Some basic help services for normal WeChat users (e.g. FAQ’s and account recovery)

WeChat Official English Language Blog: Blog providing regular WeChat news

WeChat Official Facebook Page

WeChat Official Twitter Page

WeChat South Africa Official Website


WeChat Resources for International Official Accounts (Outside China)

WeChat Official Accounts Admin Platform: Login or Register for a WeChat Official account

WeChat Official Accounts Online Application Form: Apply for your WeChat Official account online

WeChat Official Developer Documentation: English language documentation for WeChat developers

Tenpay Global Official Site: Tencent’s online payment platform official English language site

WeChat Pay Official Site: WeChat pay for overseas (outside mainland China) vendors


Other Related Official WeChat Resources

Tencent Official Website: Tencent is the parent company of WeChat

Penguin Intelligence: A Tencent backed research organization providing regular reports and data about the Chinese internet

Tencent Cloud Distribution Network Service: Provides CDN services for Weixin developers

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