WeChat Toys For Young Children

Matthew Brennan Case Studies

No one escapes the reach of WeChat in China! Even 3 years olds can use the messaging platform through WeChat toys. Introducing ‘Mon-Mon’ a soft toy character which children can use to send and receive WeChat messages with their busy parents while they are away at work.


Above: Mon-Mon, a WeChat enabled soft toy!

Don’t believe us? Check out the 20 second advert below from the toy’s creators, Chinese toy company Dan Dan Man (旦旦面).

How do WeChat toys work?
Mon-Mon is controlled through a WeChat official account (WeChat ID: idandanman). Via a combination of bluetooth and Wi-Fi the toy connects to your phone.


Scan the QR code on Mon-Mon’s tail to add the WeChat account

Parents can use the Mon-Mon official account in WeChat to send personal voice messages and pre-recorded English courses or bedtime stories to the toy while they are at work or traveling.


Above: Chosing English songs through the Mon-Mon official account

Children immediately get those stories or messages, and can press Mon-Mon’s belly to reply to their parents’ WeChat account in a message delivered back as a voicemail. Below is a demo video for a rival WeChat toy that works in exactly the same way.

Video length: 1:04 mins

Wait. Haven’t I seen Mon-Mon before?


That’s right Mon-Mon was a popular WeChat sticker, he’s still available on the Chinese sticker store today.


Below: Long press the QR code below if you want to buy Mon-Mon on WeChat (299 RMB).


For the record: China Channel has no association with any WeChat toys including Mon-Mon or Mon-Mon’s creators (though we do think he’s kinda cute).